Bishop is a 2 year old, 40 lb. neutered male in Santa Monica, CA.

Bishop is house trained with no dietary issues. His energy levels fit the breed. We often go on 5-8 miles runs and within an hours he is ready to go again. HE LOVES TO RUN :)


He was acquired from from a farm in Arizona when he was 8 weeks old. The ideal home for bishop is a piece of land with tons of space to run. Bishop is protective of his owners and can get aggressive (bark/intense growling/has bitten) when men he doesn't know enter "his space" (my apartment/house).

Bishop has only exhibited aggressive behavior towards men he is not familiar with. He bit 2 people. One person was a using a leaf blower and bishop bit is calf causing bruising. The second person was a visitor my my apartment where is bit his inner thigh.


He is extremely loving and playful with people he is familiar with. I have never had a issue with his behavior with women. In fact he is extremely loving. We have never had any issues when walking the neighborhood or dog park He is extremely friendly with other dogs and has never exhibited any more of aggression toward another dog. My apartment is just not big enough for the exercise he needs.

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