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Benji is an 8 month old, 39 lb. neutered male in New York, NY.

Benji is a mild-mannered pup, has regular walks in the park, training sessions and play dates with other dogs tire him out. He takes long naps throughout the course of the day and sleeps soundly through the night. He is almost 40 pounds, but fairly long and lean for a Blue Heeler. He is two feet tall. He is up to date on all of his vaccines, and his health is in tip-top shape.

Benji loves to cuddle, nap, and play with toys and puzzles. He is an intuitive and compassionate boy. He can tell when you are having a tough day and will hang out with you and comfort you by giving kisses and remaining by your side. His favorite treats include frozen peanut butter and crunchy biscuits. He loves nothing more than positive affirmation, lots of pets and sweet words.

Benji knows the following commands: "Go to bed (his crate)" , "Go to place" , "Sit" , "Down" , "Stay" , "Come" , "Heel", "Focus" , "Look at me", "Wait" , "Leave it" , "Drop it", "Okay!" , "No" , "Paw." He also knows several words and phrases, as well as his own name and the name of people and dogs that we frequently interact with. He is very intelligent and food motivated, and loves positive reinforcement, making learning basic commands a breeze.

After a lot of consideration, I am making the difficult decision to rehome Benji due to no fault of his own. In a very short time, my financial, work and living situation has changed. With my new work schedule, I will not be able to adequately provide him with the time, stable home or space that he deserves. I am preparing to consolidate my belongings and home as I downsize and move into an apartment shared among multiple roommates. My job requirements have also changed and I am being called to work in an office Monday through Friday for 8-9 hours a day, plus my commute time. I would not feel right leaving Benji alone for the period of time that I am going to be required to be in the office every day. I have considered alternatives, and cannot afford to place him in doggy day care Monday through Friday either.

Benji will thrive in a house with space where at least one family member can be home with him for the majority of the time. He is a social little guy and struggles with a bit of anxiety when left alone. We have made significant strides in his training, (i.e., he used to not like his crate and now he voluntarily will head in his crate to relax and nap), but he still struggles when left home alone for long periods of time. He is not destructive, but he will cry and howl when he is left home alone. I do forsee his separation anxiety getting better with time and practice.

Like many heelers, Benji is very loyal and protective, so it takes a while for him to warm up to and trust new people. When he does trust you, he is dedicated, sweet and cuddly.

Depending on the distance, I am able to assist with transport to Benji's new home. I am not charging an adoption fee, I just want to ensure that Benji goes to the right home that will be dedicated to taking care of him and providing a stable life for him. The best companion for Benji will be someone looking for a devoted best friend and a right hand buddy with plenty of space and a calm demeanor. This little guy is the best companion and deserves the best!


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