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Bella is a 4.5 year old, 27 lb. spayed female in Shelbyville, KY.

Bella is a very loyal and loving dog. She loves lots of play, snuggles, and peanut butter! She will play fetch with you all day long, and LOVES to run through fields! She is cautious of new people and new animals, but loves her people with a passion. She loves to learn new things and use her brain for different games. She will find her toys or treats no matter where you hide them!

She currently lives in Kentucky in a house with a yard that is way too small for her. She is housebroken, high energy, spayed, and weighs about 27 pounds. She is very energetic and can play with you all day long, but will relax and chill when needed as well. She has not been around young children, and I wouldn't recommend that unless you are familiar with Heelers and know how to train them.

We love Bella so incredibly much, but her owner is getting ready for college and their parents are unable to care for Bella on their own with their schedules and limited space to let her roam and get out energy.


Bella is not fully comfortable with people that are not hers or around new animals. She did great as a pup, then her family had to get additional jobs and it minimized her ability to grow and learn new people, after that season when we tried to take her around others she did not like it at all. She has never hurt another animal, but definitely prefers to be on her own, though I think she could be trained to like others.

She does nip and bite, and has broken skin, but never to the point someone needed medical treatment, and she is always very apologetic after the fact. It is a way she communicates, though we are working to help her find another way to communicate, our work schedule doesn't permit the time needed to help with that.

We want her to have the best life possible, and to be loved unconditionally, so we are looking for a new home for her, despite how much it will hurt us, we believe it will be best for her.

We are looking for a new owner who is familiar with the Heeler breed and is willing to stick with her through the long haul. We are willing to chat with anyone who maybe interested to give more information.

Bella is in Shelbyville, KY.


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