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Barley is a 7 year old, 49 lb. neutered male in West Grove, PA.

Barley is a lovable 7-year-old blue heeler in need of a home that will be a good match for him. He is smart, loves to play, and is cuddly when he’s in the mood for affection.

Barley has an average energy level- he loves to fetch, go for walks/hikes, and try out puzzles, but he is also pretty chill. He would do best in a home with a fenced yard, with no children or cats, and an owner who has experience with strong-willed herding breeds. He has done well with other dogs, but this has never been tested in a living situation so it’s hard to say how he would do with dog siblings.

He is a velcro dog, so if you’re looking for a companion that never leaves your side - he’s great for that! Barley is also highly food motivated, which makes him quite trainable. He is also a pretty quick learner (note- as long as the reward is not a super high-value food that he gets over excited about and loses his focus).

He sleeps crated and this works well for him. He is leash trained.
Barley is fully house trained with no accidents in the 3 years I have had him. He has also never damaged or chewed anything that wasn’t his own toy or food. He knows all basic commands (sit, stay, lay down, wait, leave it, paw, high-5) plus several others.

Behaviorally, Barley has some anxious tendencies after living in an abusive home for his first 3 years of life.Barley has shown aggression toward humans when he felt restrained or threatened. He experienced abuse in his first home and is occasionally overly protective of himself or his chosen human. He has bitten three individuals hard enough to bruise and break skin, all in situations where he felt trapped or that someone was moving toward him aggressively (swinging a game controller, coming toward him while leashed). None of these individuals required medical treatment and all attention was directed to hands/arms in motion. He does nip heels and hands, very occasionally & very gently when he is overly excited for food or feeling extra protective of his human.


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