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Bandit is a 3 year old, 68 lb. neutered male in Bryans Road, MD.

Bandit lives in a fenced yard and recommend his new home have a large space for him to run and explore (preferably with a fence). He has lots of energy and is super loyal to his pack. He was a street dog in Hawaii before someone found him and brought him to the Humane Society there. We currently have a smaller dog and a 1-year-old that he gets along with really great. He likes to hog the attention though, and the food which makes him a little bossy, but never aggressive. He does try to hunt cats, squirrels, chickens and anything that looks like a small plush toy. He loves walks and enjoys the outdoors where he can roam and explore. He drinks a ton of water and eats 3 cups of food a day. He knows how to sit, stay, fetch, wait, lay down, stand up, and paw. He can even look for his Kong and bring it to you when you ask, "where's your toy?"


He's stubborn sometimes, but very smart and is open to learning new habits. He tries his best to hold it and will whine when needs to be let out, but if he is left for too many hours at a time after whining (over 4-5 hours) without being let out (before 9PM) he does go potty inside. As a family, unfortunately we have to re-home him as we are unable to show him the attention he deserves with having a 1 year old and very busy schedules that draws us away from him. He needs someone that can give him the attention he deserves, can that be you?

We will help in transporting him. We only ask that we do a meet and greet and be willing to show us his potential new home. We want his new/next home to be his final home just as much as he does. We will include all his toys, beds, travel kennel, retractable and non retractable leashes, bowls, and other miscellaneous items with him to his new owner. Not expecting an adoption fee, only ask that you donate what you can to ACDRA, thank you.


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