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Amber is a 4.5 year old, 48 lb. spayed female in Hopewell Junction, NY.

Amber is a spirited 4.5-year-old Australian Cattle Dog with a heart as boundless as her energy. Adopted in 2021 to be a companion on outdoor adventures, hikes, daily rural walks, and also to embark on the world of agility competition for which Australian Dogs are known to excel. A several acre wooded property and fenced yard afforded her a safe environment where she demonstrated her athletic prowess and excelled in informal agility activities. In 2023 a sudden unforeseen change in circumstances dictated relocation to a multi- unit dwelling and condominium life has proven to be an unsuitable environment for this high energy girl.

Amber is seeking a forever home filled with love, activity, and adventure. This loyal canine companion is ready to join a family that can match her zest for life and provide the engaging lifestyle she craves. Amber's dream home includes an active family who enjoys outdoor activities and has a secure, fenced-in yard where she can play and explore to her heart's content. A family that understands her need for physical and mental stimulation will be the perfect match. An environment where she can burn off her energy and engage in stimulating playtime will bring out the best in this spirited girl. Amber thrives as the shining star in her home and prefers to be the only dog in a cat free household.


This Australian Cattle Dog is eager to be your one and only, ensuring she receives all the attention and love she craves. Amber is a bundle of energy, always ready for a run, hike, or playtime in the great outdoors. She knows basic commands - sit, down, stay, come, go bed, drop it, leave it.  Walks well on leash, reactive to other dogs but improving with training. 


If you're an active family seeking a furry companion to join in your adventures, Amber is the perfect match. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious, making every day brighter with her 48 pounds of joyful presence.


She is spayed and current on all vaccines. With her striking looks, intelligence, and boundless energy, she's ready to bring joy and adventure into your home. Open your heart and home to Amber, and you'll discover the love and loyalty that this wonderful Australian Cattle Dog has to offer. Willing to assist with transport to potential adopter’s home. Suggest donation to ACDRA.


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