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Selene is a small young spayed female in foster care in North Carolina.

She is about one to two years old and only weighs 25 - 30lbs. She is shy when you first meet her and can be a bit of a pet and wet, but she is fully housetrained and crate trained otherwise. She does well with other dogs, but can be protective of her food and toys occasionally especially when in her crate with other dogs, but hasn't had any issues with humans taking her stuff.

She loves her other foster sister -- a rottie whom she pushes around even though she is twice her size, but they adore each other and love wrestling. She does learn quickly to back off if she has been too pushy with other dogs but she may not be a good match with a family that has an overly dominant dog in the home already. She has been fine around felines with supervision so far, but hasn't had the opportunity to see how she would do with them if they choose to run away (if she would continue ignore mode or decide to switch to prey drive). So I would suggest she be integrated and supervised with cats gradually until you feel you could trust her.

This little pocket girl is a wonderful size but still just as active and agile as the rest so don't let her size make you feel she couldn't keep up. She is mostly quiet in the home but can be a bit noisy outside in the yard so an apartment may not be the best choice unless you have understanding neighbors or have the time to work with her and burn off some energy. She is scared of car rides but is slowly learning they aren't as bad as she thought, and is also learning what a doggie seat belt is (which does seem to comfort her some).

Selene would be a great addition to any active family looking for a pocket sized heeler and willing to give her time to learn life is good :) Selene is being fostered in Charlotte, NC.

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