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Beautiful Millie

Millie was hit by a car in southern VA on about 2/9/13 and presumed dead. On 2/11/13, a passerby saw head movement on the body on the side of the road and called animal control. Animal control brought her to a great shelter that found ACDRA and told us that she had a broken femur, broken jaw, several facial lacerations, blind in one eye and little vision in her other eye, and serious internal injuries and she would die if she wasn't treated soon.

ACDRA agreed to cover her medical expenses, and a foster home in NJ stepped up to help her recover, heal and find her a loving home. ACDRA volunteers and members helped raise money for Millie's expenses, but she still had a long road of recovery and recuperation.  She was and may always be afraid of fast moving cars.  
Millie loved and gave kisses to everyone that helped her and she was extremely sweet, even though she must have been in such an imense amount of pain.  She was also extremely smart and knew a few tricks as well as basic obedience. 

She is adopted now, renamed Shadow, and living a wonderful life in Maine with her forever parents. 

The Amazing Miss Mickey

On March 13, 2009, a 20-lb. stray Australian Cattle Dog ran between parked cars near 11th Street & Washington Avenue and was hit by a car. Due to the severity of the accident and the amount of blood loss, the dog looked as though she would not survive. Her pelvis was crushed and large road rash spots were exposed on her body from her brush with the asphalt.

Tony Fisher, an area resident, witnessed the accident and rushed to comfort her. A caring police officer radioed for help and minutes later a police van was rushing to the SPCA trying to save her life. The SPCA stabilized her, treated her for a week and released her to Tony. He reached out to ACDRA for help and a local volunteer went to meet Tony and Miss Mickey.

Miss Mickey days after her accident (left), and months later after surgeries and rehabilitation in her foster home (right).

Together, they contacted Dr. Carlos Hidges of Valley Central Veterinary Referral Center, a caring orthopedic surgeon who offered a discounted price to reconstruct her shattered pelvis. Miss Mickey ultimately had 2 operations to repair her pelvis. When she was released from the hospital, she went to live at the home of an ACDRA foster home volunteer. When she arrived, she couldn't walk nor stand. She needed to be carried outside to go to the bathroom. But through it all, Miss Mickey was determined to get better.

She was taken for physical therapy on a routine basis and she received massage and rehabilitative exercises in her foster home. Little by little she regained her abilities. First to walk with assistance, then with a special brace and finally on her own. Then, there was no stopping her. Running after sticks, balls and frisbees became Miss Mickey's obsession. She can even leap into the air to catch a frisbee. check out the video to see her in action!

On August 19th, a full 5 months after her accident, Miss Mickey was adopted by a wonderful family with another cattle dog. These days, Mickey visits the barn where her people board their horses and she routinely goes out on the trail running along side her people on the horses and her canine brother.

Miss Mickey and her brother, Maverick

Former ACDRA Dog, Patch, Recuperating After Surgery

Patch has recently had surgery to remove a tumor on his spine.

Read the whole story here about Patch and his loving adopters.

IT'S OFFICIAL! Patch is cancer free! Read the update here.