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We love when adopters send updates!


Blur is doing very well and we just love her so much!

Here are pictures of Blur and her new sister Tela.


Tipper has settled in wonderfully into her new life. 

She's doing well and we certainly enjoy having her here. She's put on a pound or two. She plays very well at the dog park and with my friends' dogs, especially with my father's dachshund. We went to the ocean on Labor Day and she had her first taste of salt water. Not a swimmer yet! Thanks for everything!




Brody is doing fantastic. He is a summer-loving, water-dog. I have created a monster ;).

I got him in the water as a pup and have since brought him out on the rivers around home and even up to the beach in Cape Cod, MA.  I CANNOT keep him out of the water.  He loves it - he's even in it when we're not.  I actually bought him a life vest a few weeks ago and as soon as I break it out he knows exactly where we're heading.  

Adding a ball to the mix only makes it better.  He's a freak about chasing the ball and will do it for hours so throwing a tennis ball into the ocean might be his favorite thing to do.  He's so crazy about the ball that as long as I have one a leash is never needed...we could walk through a heard of deer and if I've got the ball he doesn't even look twice.  Hope all is well with you.  Wanted to send a couple pictures.  He may look a little like a drowned rat in these, but like I said - I can't keep him out of the water :).


We absolutely adore Lucy, formerly known as Lacy :)

She is a doll.  We took her on a long walk Saturday morning and then I took her and Colt running yesterday afternoon and she did amazing.  I was so impressed with her.  She was weaving a little at the beginning (almost tripped me twice) but then she figured it out.  Evan loves her so much, she is perfect for him.  She slept in the bed with him last night and the night before she slept on the dog bed beside our bed the entire night.  I cannot compliment her enough, she is just so sweet and wonderful.  Today we took her to the dogpark and then to Stony Point to get a pupcake at 3 Dog Bakery.  She was so polite and well behaved, mean while Colt was jerking me around in every direction with all the smells.  She is just so great.  Her and Colt are starting to get more comfortable with each other also...  they have started wrestling with each other.   

She does shy away from random things, mostly unknown noises..  like the ice dispenser, the paper shredder, or even tonight opening a can of soda.  We have just been ignoring her reaction and let her figure it out, which seems to be working because the ice dispenser and the shredder no longer bother her.  Evan and I are loud and we move around the house quickly and we've always got 30 things going at once so I think she will eventually just realize that noise isn't so scary and figure everything out.


Bentley is wonderful!!! 

I'm keeping her confined to my kitchen at night. My two heelers took to her very well. My red is always grumpy and determined to "show her the ropes". He'll nose her here and there. The first nite she was whiny, the boys were with me in the bedroom. Halsey, the red, went downstairs and I opened the gate. He walked in and laid down with her. All is good. The blue, Finnegan, is very nurturing with her. He'll play with her gently while Bentley is on full attack mode. I think it went well because I had two dogs here. If I'm spending time with one the other two keep themselves occupied.
She is headstrong insisting she could run with the boys and catch birds. We're at the point where they like to chase her and she likes to be chased. Potty training is going well. She goes out and does her business. Boy she could eat though!!!!! My son loves her. (Actually everybody that met her has.) She's a big hit at work. It's a career training school. Ahe spent the bulk of yesterday in the beauty part. We came home with a pretty pink bow which the boys quickly removed for her. She also has an affinity for mud puddles. So I guess they were right with the bow.
Thanks again for a wonderful dog. she has a check up visit to the vet next week. i have some pictures i will send  you via my phone. A few people asked about adopting cattle dog pups. I've cautioned them all, it's more a lifestyle than a dog.  Love her a lot!